Morgan Stanley is dedicated to making a positive contribution to society through responsible business practices, a focus on the environment and communities, and our people. Our growing focus on sustainable investing reflects our commitment to delivering scalable innovations and solutions that mobilize capital to meet pressing global challenges. We pursue sustainability not only because it reflects our values, but also because it will play an increasingly important role in global finance. We believe we can partner with the millions of individuals we serve, as well as the governments and institutions for whom we advise, originate, trade, manage and distribute capital, to make sustainability integral to the global economy. Below are some of the highlights of our work:

  • Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing: The Institute for Sustainable Investing seeks to help businesses, institutions and individuals direct capital to economic, social and environmental challenges in scalable ways and builds on Morgan Stanley’s ongoing work to advance market-based solutions to these challenges. The Institute represents a concentrated effort to advance the field of sustainable investing and develop the next generation of tools, leaders and ideas at the intersection of sustainability and finance.
  • Investing with Impact: The Investing with Impact Platform provides our Wealth Management clients with access to investment products that target social and environmental impacts as well as potential for risk-adjusted returns. Products span fixed income and equity asset classes and include a mix of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, private equity funds and separately managed accounts.
  • Environmental Finance:   The shift to a low-carbon economy requires substantial know-how. It also requires scalable energy innovations and environmental solutions. Our expertise helps facilitate access to capital markets for promising low-carbon technology and services, and provides insight into the development of these new markets.
  • Public Finance:  Our public finance activities help raise essential funds for public projects efficiently and creatively.  Morgan Stanley’s expertise in public finance and the Firm’s far-reaching network have helped raise billions of dollars for diverse public entities, enabling the delivery of roads, utilities, sanitation, health care and education to communities across America.
  • Social Finance:  New types of partnerships between the public, nonprofit and private sectors are creating innovative business models that serve underbanked communities, providing positive social and financial returns. We work closely with investors, intermediaries and partners, contributing our experience and funding to further develop these models and promote analysis to catalyze social sector innovations. Our goal is to develop, finance and promote scalable new business models that offer solutions for enduring social challenges.
  • Community Development: Providing economic and social opportunities for people with low and moderate incomes is fundamental to enhancing a community’s resilience and prosperity. Morgan Stanley’s community development program applies the firm’s abilities, product offerings and business strategy to develop scalable solutions that provide lasting benefits to urban and rural communities.
  • Morgan Stanley Foundation: For more than 50 years, the centerpiece of the Firm’s charitable efforts has been the Morgan Stanley Foundation.  A core value at Morgan Stanley is giving back to the communities where we work and live, and Morgan Stanley and its employees generously donate intellectual capital, leadership and sweat equity to leverage the Firm’s financial support, maximize our impact in the communities and deepen our partnership with grantees.
  • Global Alliance for Children’s Health: For more than 40 years, Morgan Stanley and its foundations have focused our community involvement on innovations in pediatric care to give children the healthy start they need for lifelong achievement. Collectively, the Morgan Stanley Global Alliance for Children’s Health has dedicated more than $125 million to create centers of excellence and deliver critical health care to underserved children.
    • Healthy Cities: Launched in 2014, Morgan Stanley Healthy Cities innovatively links together the fundamentals that children need for good health: consistent access to healthy food, wellness and health screenings and safe places to play.  Uniquely adapted to each individual city, the program launched in Chicago, Ill.; Newark, N.J. and Oakland, Calif.
    • Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital: Opened in 2003 with contributions of more than $60 million from Morgan Stanley and its employees, the NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital is the flagship of our Centers of Excellence campaign.  Our efforts, which also include the London Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Beijing Children’s Hospital, support leading centers of pediatric excellence with whom we create research, educational programming and direct outreach to underserved in regions throughout the world.
  • Employee Engagement: Employee community engagement is a cornerstone of the Firm’s culture and the foundation of our charitable efforts. Employee ingenuity and hands-on involvement are key contributors to the impact that we have in our communities.
    • Strategy Challenge: Through the annual Morgan Stanley Strategy Challenge, Morgan Stanley creates teams of high-performing employees who work with nonprofits over an eight-week period to analyze and solve an important strategic issue for the organization.
    • Global Volunteer Month: Each June, the Firm celebrates Global Volunteer Month by delivering hands-on service in communities throughout the world.  In 2013, this effort involved more than 20,000 employees who contributed 200,000 hours of volunteer work in more than 500 cities across the globe.

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